where’s thomas


the connected data streams of this world have hyperlinked all manner of data. it has connected all of us and the landscape has been transformed as well. gps, cell tower triangulation, and geolocative services have made the terrain searchable and available. services like Google’s Street View make streets and addresses visible from a networked browser. geotagging is comonplace, one only need to look at flickr or Twittervision to witness the transition of attitudes about private and public space.

with stories like the secret at&t surveillance room in downtown san francisco coming to light in 2006, i decided that there is no way to avoid being seen so i should make it easier to find me.

it is not that i have an overinflated ego and believe that i should be watched or that you would ever want to track me. instead, perhaps if we flood the infosphere with our appearances, the individual may once again fade like trees into the profile forest. to this end i first started with a service called plazes.com to broadcast my connectedness and now i am onto the Google Latitude and foursquare. click the image to look for me, trace me, lord knows the nsa can already…