Otto’s Ghost

Otto’s Ghost modules – click for gallery Otto’s Ghost is the name for the installation of the autonomous sound units that I have written many posts about. I along with a group of 6 research assistants fabricated 300 of the beasts over the summer for a October 30th debut at the Art in Odd Places 2013 …

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this is a databent audio interpretation of electrons jumping around the shared valences of atoms. inspiration came from the video of the 2D crystalline structure of graphite, aka Graphene, from UCB labs. that video is at: the video data was reinterpreted as an audio file to create an ambient track.


we are not as much a city as we are a region and the weather is dramatic here. in June 2012 we experienced a severe weather event, between 9 and 12 inches of rain fell in only a few hours. i pulled the radar image composite for the period around this event and used it …

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3D Scanning

I have begun researching 3D scanning and decided to go with the DAVID Laserscanner software for the  moment. This is the first scan I did with the low resolution free version. Since then I have scanned most of the faculty and want to do a relief of the faculty faces to install next to the …

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DPS Invades Turkey!

We are The Third Faction, a collective of avatars with a shared interest in exposing biased power structures in virtual environments. Founded in 2008 in a temporary autonomous zone located in the land of Azeroth, we set forth to develop a democratized, non-hierarchical governance. The very act of labelling our group “The Third Faction” demonstrates …

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look art

My work was chosen by guest curator Rubaiyat Shatner into a National Endowment for the Arts funded exhibition, “look art“. The exhibition was executed entirely in the form of MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination) or MUD (Multi-User Dungeon), a text based game platform common in the 1990’s. These early network games were the progenitors of …

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Maelstrom Accord

Maelstorm Accord, 2010 is a new project by Third Faction to create a mixed realities aid events. The proposed installation is a complex set of props and actors a la trade fair exposition stationed with players of the Maelstrom Accord. These agents will recruit new WoW players and distribute propaganda, quests, and achievement / trinkets …

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i have started another collaboration with James Stone, we have ‘formalized’ our relationship by registering we have proposed a new phys comp project workshop for ISEA2011 in Istanbul. it item is wearable tech that sonifies objects that are touched by the actor. we see this as a platform for performance and activism. the proposal: …

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